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Giving intention — getting traction

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

As Chairman of Buy1GIVE1 (or B1G1 as most people know it now) I’m thrilled we’ve got a clear mission — to create a world full of giving. And we do that through providing people with the wonderful process of transaction-based giving — increasingly being called, ‘Embedded Generosity’ or ‘Embedded Giving’.

Sock that giveI find that creating a world full of giving is pretty inspiring. But a note  from my friend (and B1G1 Business client) Tom Minter in the UK takes it all to another level. Tom co-founded and co-runs the wonderfully zany and magically brilliant ‘Socks for Happy People ’.

In a publicity piece on Facebook where Tom is being interviewed he says, “Socks for Happy People is not your run of the mill sock brand. Our intention is to become the most magnificent and inspiring sock company in the history of the world, creating and delivering beautiful and amazing socks in a way that empowers the human mind and uplifts the human spirit. Socks for Happy People exists to inspire a deeper understanding of genuine happiness throughout the world.”

Is that cool or is that cool?  Tom really gets into it and inspires doesn’t he? It reminds me of my friend Dr. John Demartini’s quote: “The masses live in the motivation world, the masters live with inspiration within.”

Tom really is inspiring and of course, he’s not so much a go-getter as a go-giver through B1G1.

And when I think about creating that world full of giving I think of this statistic from a recent PWC report called ‘The Giving Business ‘: If just 10% of Australians gave $5 per week through their pay, an additional $260 million would flow each year into the community.

Staggering isn’t it?

It’s the kind of staggering stuff we see each day here how so little can do so much — just one example, today I gave 12 goats through B1G1 — it cost me just $12 per goat and that gives sustainable income to 12 families in Kenya. I choose to give a goat every time we create a new B1G1 Business here at B1G1. And the kicker is that it makes me feel great.

It’s like B1G1 founder Masami Sato reminds us in her ONE book : giving is for ourselves.

And in a sense a mission (like Tom’s) is for ourselves too. Whatever it is we set as our intention ought to be the thing that gets us going and inspired first — kind of hard to inspire others without getting inspired yourself.

Naturally enough, Tom gives back — he really gets the role that giving plays in doing that. And he continues to get amazed by what happens as a result.

As I say one of my signature tags — be sure to keep on doing …..

….. things that amaze you.

Now there’s a good intention that might get some traction too.