Paul on TEDxSingapore

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9 Responses to “Paul on TEDxSingapore”

  1. Shazar Robinson Says:

    Great Paul.. wonderful to see you wowing the TED audience! great talk .. well done!

  2. Faridah Rohani Says:

    That was great Paul! Can’t wait to connect my lond time friend and now client to B1G1.

  3. jaki salisbury Says:

    Really great! Packed so much into a short session but all relevant – WOW! As someone who is more gut than cortex I love the various quotes esp Einstein’s “If at first an idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it”. Paul has underlined what several others have said recently about it being the little things that make the big difference so I am looking for my toothpick!

  4. jaki salisbury Says:

    PS If you’re interested take a look at the WOW! Awards website – a fabulous product proven to get results for a tiny investment and the results are guaranteed or your money back! Improve your company’s productivity and reduce its costs, get more motivated employees and loyal customers. Be inspired.

  5. Gill DalDin Says:

    Paul this is terrific, …I love your energy and passion as a presenter and teh clarity with which you deliver an inspiring message.Loved your latest WOW examples….. The Limbic brain has it all…. Keep up the great work Paul :) .

  6. Paul Dunn Says:

    HI Gill:

    WOW — thank you! And here’s to limbicity!

    Would love to know what you feel about this TEDx talk (on WOOW/B1G1) right here at:

    Much love, much gratitude, many hugs

  7. Jon Caxton Says:

    In a “sea of sameness” there is always one who stands out from the rest. You have always been a cut above and I see… some years later, it is still true today. Great passion, fantastic stories and more energy than a bus load of school children.

    You are truly inspiring!

  8. Colin Glover Says:

    Wo(o)W you ticked so many boxes. I remember being WoW ed when I came upon you and Chris in the early days of the Results Corporation. So much energy and drive to change business then and now.

    I see the old building site went under water again – are any of your energetic business associates working with Queensland business to inspire them to rise from the mud? Maybe using some of the principles of B1G1?

    Thank you for that

  9. Brian Keen Says:

    Hi Paul
    You say it all here Paul. This video is an inspiration so thank you. This will be compulsory viewing for all our franchisors at How To Franchise Simply.